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Key Systems for the Best Security

There are other systems available besides CCTV which can help ensure your home is secure. These can be paired with an installed CCTV system or alone. The more systems you have set up, the better secured your home will be.

Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms have been on the market throughout recent decades. In the event that you have any home security measure set up as of now, it will probably be in the form of a traditional alarm system.

Security Lights and Fences

Burglars will search for obscurity or shadows around a home. The last thing they want is to be caught. Security lights can be a ground-breaking, yet underestimated tool in the home protection system.

Access is a critical factor when burglars are scouting out a property as a potential target. They need to get in and out rapidly, and a high fence can truly make that more of a challenge.

A high fence and security lighting can make a family home look like Fort Knox so, try to strike a balance between protection and making a home welcoming for those who you want to invite in.

Buried Cable (Perimeter Protection)

If you’re put off by the idea of a fence as it spoils your view or Fort Knox isn’t for you. Then have you considered an underground sensor cable which runs around your perimeter? These cables generate an invisible field which detects any motion and locates intruders. Of course you could combine this method along with a fence or a wall for extra security.

Make Friends with your Neighbours!

Many people write off using their neighbours as a security resource. A good bond with your neighbours and others on your road can go far in protecting your home. So, whenever you have a BBQ maybe send a couple of extra invites and you'll be going far in protecting your home.


CCTV is an awesome impediment since it can be very noticeable. It will also be effective to place signs around your property that CCTV is set up. You need to make it clear that every move will be caught on camera.

Obviously, while CCTV has various advantages it additionally has a couple of weaknesses. If a criminal decides to ignore the cameras, regardless of the signs, then the only benefit it serves is recording them.

Why Monitored CCTV?

Monitored CCTV brings to the table everything that traditional CCTV does. It is an unmistakable system that likewise records proof whenever required.

In any case, monitored CCTV additionally has a couple of traps at its disposal. The main one is that it, as the name suggests, gives dynamic monitoring of your property.

Fundamentally, it is activated when you leave your home or go to sleep or at whatever point you need the protection set up.

If the camera is activated, it will send a live feed directly to a control centre where they can then assess the situation. If they decide that it is an emergency, they can contact you or the police, who are guaranteed to appear at the scene.

In addition, the monitoring staff can even communicate with the burglar via the system. They can disclose to them they have been spotted and the police are on route.

If you then pair this with some of the other methods of protection mentioned above, you can go far in making your home safe from crime.

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