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Protect CSM Ltd supply, install and maintain a wide range of fire detection and fire alarm systems. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing fire alarm system or have a brand new one installed, we will conduct a thorough site survey, advise the best solution for your premises, and then install it to the highest industry standards. We also offer maintenance contracts so you can have your system regularly tested to make sure it’s in full working order.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems For larger premises you will require an addressable fire detection system where each detector has a unique address allowing incidents to be identified precisely and the fire strategy can be programmed. An addressable fire alarm system is made up of a series of fire detectors and devices that are connected back to a central control panel. With addressable systems, each device has an address or location, enabling the exact detector that was triggered to be quickly identified.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems For smaller premises we can consider a conventional system. You will require a fire detection system which splits the building into a number of simple Fire Zones and triggers an evacuation should a fire occur. We can also merge all devices and sounders on each circuit (zone). This is called a two-wire system and requires less cable and time to install which would keep costs to a minimum. So whether it's your home or business our system can be a great cost-effective way to draw anyone’s attention to what could be the start of a fire.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems Very much like our addressable systems above but completely wire-free. This not only saves time it also causes no damage to internal structures. The alarm can have devices added onto the system with ease. Due to being wire-free, it means there is no need to run any fire-rated cables which lower the cost of your installation. More and more properties are going wireless nowadays due to being as stable as a wired system, it keeps everything to a complete minimum and you can have a fire alarm you can be proud of.

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