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CCTV can be used in a number of different ways to protect your commercial and residential premises. Our years of experience within the industry ensure we can provide the right CCTV solution for you. We design, install and maintain CCTV systems for a range of customers including residential, small and medium-sized companies, hotels, schools and many more. Protect CSM are confident we can work with you to design a system to meet your business or personal requirements.

Our CCTV systems provide comprehensive cover no matter the size of the premises. We offer a range of systems from a small cost-effective high definition system to a large in-depth high-end system.


Wide range of cameras including a choice of dome, bullet, PTZ or box cameras to suit site requirement

Superior image quality Day/Night image technology The latest Infrared technology

Range of network video recorders

Leading manufacturer equipment

Viewed remotely from your PC, tablet or smartphone

Connects to your existing network or as a standalone network

Can utilise existing analogue cameras/cabling

Installed and maintained by Protect CSM engineers

Free security consultation

IP CCTV cameras will detect movement in specific areas, for example, if someone enters the site or premises out of hours or a schedule of your choice. This movement will be detected by our monitoring station which will trigger a standard intruder alert message to warn the intruder they have been detected, so the intruder knows they are being watched at that precise moment. Our monitoring station can also use this visual verification to report to the police. All our closed-circuit camera systems are fully compliant with the highest industry standards and regulations.

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