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2020 CCTV Resolution Developments

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. It is an incredibly dynamic industry which encounters a plethora of new competitors who are regularly ready to challenge the ever-changing industry.

So what can you expect to see coming in the next decade of surveillance cameras?

Well, even better clarity is sure to be one of them.

CCTV camera innovations have been tackling the industry for a long time, in an attempt to deliver footage which challenges even the quality of human vision. There are cameras which can do almost any job, you name it, it’s out there.

Camera resolution standards continue to better the normal. These standards have increased from just 0.1 to 12 megapixels and beyond and that’s not even the end of the road. It is anticipated that even better quality video will be achieved. So you should be able to expect to have an increase in processing power and improved low light capabilities.

4K video is so last year… you can already get your hands on 6K and 7K CCTV Cameras! According to Avigilon, a Canadian Manufacturer, the camera will utilize a 1/2.7- inch progressive scan 30 MP CMOS image sensor that will be able to capture an incredibly vast area while providing maximum coverage options.

The main challenge when creating such a high-quality video comes down to streaming and encoding, due to network cameras needing to be able to support this much higher resolution. 8K video requires 8K UHD TV to display and currently, there are few manufacturers that can actually produce this. Also, there are bandwidth and storage challenges which are currently being faced due to the large requirement for data storage. Just to put it into perspective, the bandwidth needed for 1080p ranges from 2MB-4MB. 8K needs 40MB or more.

So it is more or less still a work in process.

The features found on the higher resolution cameras will infiltrate the market and will be accessible if you choose to upgrade to IT equipment that is based on 2020 innovations.

The old school analogue technology will inevitably be replaced by the new and improved 2020 innovations. So if you're looking for a new CCTV system or perhaps to upgrade your current one then it’s worth investing and future proofing what's installed by going down the IP route.

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