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Is 4MP the same as 4K?

Plus, some other useful information which you’ve been searching for…

You have read all about 4MP cameras, 4K cameras and HD cameras and here you are, feeling outright confused. Well, I am here to help with that. So, let’s jump straight in…

What does 4MP ACTUALLY mean?

Well, MP stands for megapixel and the 4 tells you that the camera is composed of 4 million of these. This camera is the best of both worlds with a resolution of 2560 pixels wide by 1440 pixels high. 4MP offers a crisper image compared to 1080p resolution security cameras.

Ok, so what about 4K?

4K images roughly have a horizontal resolution of 4000 pixels and 2160 wide. The total is an INCREDIBLE 8,294,400 pixels. This camera is (8MP) twice the resolution and number of pixels of the 4MP.

What is 1080p?

1080p has the equal of 2MP, so half of 4MP. The “p” stands for the number of pixels.

Is 1080p the same as HD?

And what is UHD?

Well, while 720p is pretty much out-dated, it is still technically high definition (HD). 1080p is commonly known as “full HD”. Ultra HD, or UHD, usually refers to 4K resolution, though there is also 8K UHD.


What does aspect ratio mean?

This refers to the ratio between the height and width of an image. The standard 4MP resolution has a ratio of 16:9. Let’s delve a little deeper… that means 16 pixels in width for every 9 pixels in height. This is pretty close to the “golden ratio” which is the most pleasing on the eye.

How does my camera’s resolution effect storage space?

The higher the resolution of your camera, the more storage space it will need.

Want to ask a some more questions?

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