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Biometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control is the use of unique physical characteristics to deny/grant access to users. They are particularly recommended where high security is necessary. Protecting personal information is becoming more and more of a challenge as traditional key cards and passwords are vulnerable in the digital era. The biometrics industry is experiencing rapid growth, with the global market expected to surpass $43 billion by 2023.

How do they work?

One of the primary advantages to biometric readers is the ability to restrict access. Biometric access control readers scan a part of your body to create a unique digital code. Usually readers scan fingers or hands, but face, retina, iris or vein pattern recognition are also possible. As they use these unique characteristics, it provides better protection for companies. The future of business security lies with biometric scanners. Biometric readers are very dependable. This is because fingerprint readers will match a template to an algorithm and authenticate their identity. They don't store any images within the technology, thus privacy rights are not affected. They also encrypt all the templates to prevent tamper and the data conversion from the scan is a non-reversible process.

Passwords will not cut it these days

Unfortunately, passwords will not protect your business today. Even if your company relies on two-factor password authentication, your company is vulnerable. Typically, many people will re-use the same password for multiple accounts. The traditional password method just isn't enough to keep hackers out. Replacing the need for passwords as a whole and opting for biometric makes much more sense. Especially for companies with large numbers of staff.

Every year there are thousands of hacking incidents and these can be costly. Biometric technology offers solutions which are pretty much impossible to hack. They provide more accurate identification, increase accountability and lower the risk of unwanted breaches. Not only does it have great benefits, it also saves costs in the long run and are simple and easy to install. This reduces the need for training, ongoing management and new ID card costs.

Biometric security systems are a long-term solution for any business, industry or agency. They will keep your business secure while saving you time, money, and resources. Thousands of organisations worldwide have already implemented biometric systems and are seeing the benefits. So, what are you waiting for?

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