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Westminster Pancake Race Dropped due to Security Fears

The yearly occasion with Rehab and the politicians has been cancelled, accusing the "intense level of activity" close to parliament in the run up to Brexit, the cause for the cancellation.

Competitors were notified that the pancake race scheduled would "not be suitable" to stage at this location, due to the security concerns.

Jonathan Smallman, a fundraiser for the charity, broke the news to MPs in a letter in January.

Police numbers outside parliament have been boosted after complaints of abuse and harassment by MPs; one was known as a "Nazi" and was circled by protesters as she attempted to enter parliament.

Rehab, which provides employability skills for individuals with disabilities, said the decision to drop the 2019 race had "not been taken lightly". Labour MP Rupa Huq, who competed in last year's competition, revealed to Sky News the news "reflects the disastrous state that our nation is in". "I participated last year however not successfully".

Speaker of the Commons John Bercow said in parliament that he was "sorry" the race had been dropped.

A spokesperson for Rehab said: "Having considered the timing of the event in the midst of the intense focus of Brexit, chose it inappropriate to proceed with our charity race right now".

The security risk was too high for the event and was thought that it could be a potential target for protesters. "We however anticipate the arrival of our well-known Parliamentary Pancake Race in 2020."

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